Vista Ultimate x64 with 8 gigs of RAM

Due to a failing Samsung hard drive that shipped with my system, I decided to do a full upgrade on my system. I went to a 10000 RPM Western Digital (WD3000GLFS) drive for starters, then upgraded my system RAM from 3 Gigs (all that is really useful under 32x Windows) to 8 Gigs.

Even though I got the fastest RAM available (upgraded from 667 to 800), the Windows Experience program only boosted my RAM rating from 5.3 to 5.5 (everything else is 5.9).

Since there is a dearth of 64x applications, I have yet to see the system utilizing more than 3 Gigs of RAM at any time. So basically I have 5 Gigs of RAM sitting around being bored and wishing they were in a server.

I can say though that overall performance is much faster and crisper. Then again perhaps I am just imagining that to compensate for the $500 ($300 for the drive and $200 for the RAM) upgrade price.

Let Nader Debate

Ralph Nader is on the ballot in almost every state. He is intelligent, articulate and concerned about America.

He should be in the Presidential debates, even for nothing more than raising issues that need to be discussed.

Unfortunately the debate process is controlled by the two major parties so that isn't going to happen.

That's too bad as we all lose out when our two party candidates gloss over the issues.

Thermaltake cools the XFX 8800GT

I haven't posted in 5 months but wanted to mention that I did research cooling the nVidia 8800GT that I bought from XFX. To cut to the chase, I purchased the Thermaltake DuOrb which sports a lot of copper and two fans. It only cost $50 and was well worth it. It keeps the 8800 cool and runs silently.

Thermaltake no longer sells this model as they are always improving their product line, but I highly recommend them for cooling your video board.