Kindle for PC

I own 75 Kindle books plus the original Kindle.
A month ago I bought a bargain basement netbook from Fry's for $199.
So, having read about the new Kindle for PC program from Amazon, I thought I would try it out.


Wow! Much better to read with (accepting the form factor differences) and viewing illustrations and drawings is now actually acceptable.

If you own a Kindle and you own any kind of PC, my advice is to go out and install this program right now. It is simply wonderful.

BizTalk 2009 the end of the product?

I got the word from a MSFT insider that BizTalk 2009 is the final version.

It has been handed off to 100 guys in India for support and will be incorporated into .net 4.

The BizTalk adapters will possibly be marketed as a separate product add-on.

Another source yesterday told me that whatever code runs BizTalk will be given to the SQL group at Microsoft.

Curiouser and curiouser!


What I learned about wearing a beret while in Paris:

1. They don't blow off of your head because they are round and hence aerodynamic.
2. They keep your head warm. (Very important when one has lost a lot of hair over time.)
3. Only young woman and old guys (holds up hand) wear berets in Paris.
4. You can buy them cheap in Paris. I paid like $6 for a wool beret.

Create a Windows 7 USB installer

There are many articles on how to create a USB installation drive for putting Windows 7 on netbooks.

Here is a free program from Microsoft that does the entire thing for you:

I used it to put Windows 7 on my netbook and it worked flawlessly.

You need to have a .iso file of Windows 7 and a USB drive of a least 4GB.