Pray for my Shih Tzu

I don't belong to the religious/superstitious club, but feel free to pray for my Shih Tzu, Minie, who is going in to have a lump removed from one of her breasts and get spayed.

She's healthy and joyful and nine years old, and I truly hope she outlives me because she is my pal.

Footnote: Minie survived the spaying and removal of the tumor but a biopsy has shown that the tumor was cancerous.

I FINALLY found a Starbucks!

Yeah I know. Finding a Starbucks doesn't sound quite like stumbling across the lost city of gold or anything cool. However, I've been working in Redwood City and living in a hotel in San Carlos and to find a Starbucks where you can quickly buy coffee while not getting stuck in the clusterfuck of Bay Area peninsula traffic is a challenge.

So after a LONG spell of not having my Starbucks, here is what I have concluded:

"Starbucks is the Viagra of consciousness"

Yes, you can quote me.

WoW Login Server Is Down

11 million people paying Blizzard $15 a month and they cannot even manage to scale out their systems or do something like keep their login server running!

They must hire the cheapest IT labor that they can find, because it's obvious that they don't have anyone technically competent on their staff.