French Facts #3

There are no Starbucks in Montpellier.




French Fact #2 - Schooldays

French schoolchildren go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, plus Saturday morning.

So they're off on Wednesday. I have no idea how this tradition came to pass, but there has been resistance to the idea of them attending "normal" schooldays of Monday through Friday.

French Fact #1 - Kindergarten

French children attend kindergarten from age 3 to 6.

A return to blogging after a 5 year hiatus

Too much has happened since I last posted in 2010, so let's just take the time machine forward and we now find me ... LIVING IN FRANCE!!

Yes, I met someone and rather than keep living the same day in my life over and over, I jumped into the abyss.

So currently I am working in Luxembourg (at least until the end of February 2015) and living in Montpellier France.