Quilmes beer from Argentina

Trader Joe's has a limited selection of beer. I was being lazy and cheap this week, but knew I needed beer, so I bought a six pack of Quilmes beer. I guess I simply don't understand economics or profit and loss because there is a Budweiser plant less than an hour away from where I live, yet a six pack of Quilmes imported from Argentina at the bottom of the southern hemispere is less expensive. Does that make any sense to anyone? I can only presume that the profit margin on Budweiser must be huge.

Well Quilmes is a pretty decent beer and it certainly tastes better than Budweiser.

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Anonymous said...

Discovered Quilmes whilst in Buenos Aires on business in July 2006. Recommended by several friends, and it lived-up to their comments. Only thing better than Quilmes in bottles iss icy cold Qyuilmes chopp. MMMMMMMM good.