Apple iPod, Nano and Shuffle review

We now own all three Apple iPod models through a series of unrelated events.

First, the daughter hit 19 this month and her Dell DJ 15 MP3 player which cost $200 two years ago died. I took it to a shop where for no charge they showed me where the danged thing had shorted out internally. Sigh.

So for her birthday, we bought a 30 gig iPod, which as it turns out is really cool. I think we can appreciate the integration between the iPod and iTunes because we spent so much time struggling with the Dell which used the ever-so-crappy MusicMatch for its software. That was a constant battle and things just did not work well. It was pretty frustrating. Having said that we are so far beyond pleased with the iPod.

So! For Mother's Day, Mrs. Drips received an iPod Shuffle, based on the mistaken assumption that she wouldn't need anything more technical than that. Mrs. Drips sent me on a course correction to Best Buy yesterday to buy her an iPod Nano. Cough. She is now content for the moment and has already done a workout at her gym with the iPod which she loves as it is so much cooler than toting a CD player with her.

I am now the unintentional recipient of the iPod Shuffle. I'm not the big music consumer in this household, but I am stunned about how clear the sound is with the Shuffle. The only album I own is Joan Osborne's Relish, which despite being several years old is still a favorite of mine. It just sounds so great on the Shuffle, and I can actually hear sounds that I never heard before through normal stereo speakers. I also have an hour of the sounds of a rainfall loaded on the Shuffle which is supposed to make me more focused, but tends to put me to sleep. Ok, so I have The Jets and Hoobastank tunes on there too, as well as Beethoven.

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