All Has Been Explained!

I couldn't figure out why Windows 7 would not install the x64 version on my Dell D620.

Some sage pointed out that the D620 only has a 32 bit processor, so there's no way a 64 bit OS is going to install on it.

My brain must have been firing on only two cylinders that day. DOH!

Anyway in other news (Hey! Who doesn't want to read about my old and only notebook?) the main battery has failed, so after MUCH research I found one of those extended batteries that stick out of the front and sort of give you a wrist rest as well as additional battery life.

I already swap out the DVD drive for a secondary battery when I travel on a plane, so when this new big battery arrives on June 16th, I should have enough juice to almost fly to Europe without running out of power. OK, not Europe but, um, at least Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean.

I'll blog about that battery as its from one of those Internet vendors you never heard of, which usually makes my butt pucker when I send money into the vast unknown ether......

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