Blogger to WordPress conversion

OK, now I’m outraged!

I can appreciate people making or wanting to make money on the Internet. However there are a LOT of people struggling to find a way to create Internet based income. Unfortunately a great many sites sell you training and e-books that bring income in for THEM but not for you.

Well the entire Internet marketing scenario is a vent for another day.

However, I was rather PISSED to see that one wants-be-a-famous-blogger/marketer-someday person is selling Blogger to WordPress conversions for $97!!

That is just taking advantage of people who lack the knowledge of how to do the conversion.


So here is how to convert your Blogspot blog to WordPress FOR FREE!

1. If you wish to save a copy of your template go into your Blogger dashboard and navigate to Layout then Edit HTML. Right there is a link to let you save your template to your computer.

2. This is the ONLY point at which you MIGHT want to pay someone to help you and that is ONLY if you are so in love with your Blogger template that you want it converted to look exactly the same on your new WordPress site. Frankly there are so many WordPress themes out there that I would advise that you save your money on doing a template conversion.

3. OK! The real meat of the conversion is all that wonderful content that you have created that now resides in Blogger. Conversion of your content from Blogger to WordPress is A NO BRAINER!! You can do this! Assuming that you have set up a WordPress site, go to the Administration panel and on the Tools menu click on Import.

4. Click on Blogger. WordPress will then give you a screen of information and other details you need to read and fill in. Like your Google password so that WordPress can access your blog content.

5. So, now you click Authorize.

6. You enter your Google e-mail address and password.

7. You get a message from Google that WordPress is requesting access to your account, so you click on the Grant Access button.

8. WordPress spins around behind the curtain for a while, depending on how much content you have on your Blogger blog for importing. Eventually WordPress displays your WordPress Administration panel and you click IMPORT to complete the content importation process.

9. This was assuming that you are the sole blogger on your site, converting to WordPress where you will also be to sole blogger. If you have multiple bloggers, you can individually assign them using the Set Authors button and drop down box in the WordPress Administration panel.

There! We're all done! Hopefully I saved you $97!!

Maybe I'm confused

I'm too young to be old
too old to be young.

This week's Amazon annoyance

So, I ordered an "in stock, qualifies for Amazon Prime" book on Monday along with another book that also was in stock and qualified for Amazon Prime (2 day shipping for those who don't know what Amazon Prime is).

Book#1 arrived yesterday.

Book #2 is scheduled to arrive on Monday. A week after ordering it! So where does "Prime" come into play here?


All Has Been Explained!

I couldn't figure out why Windows 7 would not install the x64 version on my Dell D620.

Some sage pointed out that the D620 only has a 32 bit processor, so there's no way a 64 bit OS is going to install on it.

My brain must have been firing on only two cylinders that day. DOH!

Anyway in other news (Hey! Who doesn't want to read about my old and only notebook?) the main battery has failed, so after MUCH research I found one of those extended batteries that stick out of the front and sort of give you a wrist rest as well as additional battery life.

I already swap out the DVD drive for a secondary battery when I travel on a plane, so when this new big battery arrives on June 16th, I should have enough juice to almost fly to Europe without running out of power. OK, not Europe but, um, at least Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean.

I'll blog about that battery as its from one of those Internet vendors you never heard of, which usually makes my butt pucker when I send money into the vast unknown ether......

Cold Calling Yuck!

You should probably drift over to IttyBiz and read this posting about doing cold calling =>

Personally I find cold calling to be an act of the desperate when there are many other marketing methods that are more rewarding and less stressful, but to each their own.

D-Day 2009 65 years later

I think that for this massive event that established a foothold on the beaches of France, it is interesting that while the US lost 2300 combatants, only 19 French died that day.

You read that right. Nineteen.

Body for Wife

I just visited and think that its owner James Fell is both funny and smart when it comes to getting into shape.

In other words, he doesn't buy into the miracle pills or the magic machines or the other marketing BS. He's very good and you should leave my site right now to go have a laugh and get informed on his site!