A Scanner Darkly – The Movie

This has always been my favorite Phillip K. Dick story, written during the drug holocaust days of the 70s. I too knew people that died or were damaged by drug usage. Heck even I am still damaged: “Sorry honey, didn’t mean to call you a bitch last night. I was having an acid flashback.” Right.

My problem is that I know this story very well and the film was largely faithful to it. So I can’t say how it plays for someone who has not read the book (or been involved with drugs). It’s a great story of unintentional heroism and tragedy. Whether or not the audience picks up on that I can’t say. I do know that I don’t care for the animation overlaid on the live action.

More disturbing is that director Richard Linklater’s next film is another book that I enjoyed, Jennifer Government. Sigh.

Anyway I enjoyed A Scanner Darkly and hope that some people that see it will actually read the book.

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