Windows Vista crash cost me $100

BLEH! Yesterday Vista out of the blue began plaguing me with messages that a system device needed to be checked or blessed or some other damned thing. Anyway, to stop the stupid dialog box from constantly popping up, I renamed the rogue file that was the source of all this irritation.

Now keep in mind that the poorly designed, poorly programmed Windows Vista won't even let me change or delete a fucking ICON ON MY DESKTOP! OK?

But it allowed me to rename this file within the Windows/System32 directory, which after much research as I could do seemed to be acceptable.

Nope. After the rename, Windows Vista would not reboot normally, to safe mode or even to the command prompt.

So, I went out and bought a new Western Digital 250 gig drive at Best Buy for $89 ($96 and change with the tax). Yeah I could have spent an hour and $10 worth of gas to drive to Fry's and buy a 300 gig drive for ten dollars less, but it didn't seem worth the trouble and time. I can't stand Fry's 90 per cent of the time anyway, as they have the usual non-English speaking employees who wouldn't help you even if you were on fire.

I put Windows XP on the new drive, made it the master (DUH!), made the ass-wipe Vista drive the slave and now I can get most of my old data. I was too frazzled to think to do this one drive at a time, so now my primary drive with XP is drive E, the old drive with Vista is C and my DVD burner is D. Go figure. Makes for some interesting software installation scenarios, trust me.

All I can say is that Windows Vista has always been problematic and I advise that everyone and every company out there, to avoid it like the plague. Tell Microsoft to just keep slowly improving Windows XP. Sigh.

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Bill Buchan said...

Well... Dont use beta software (especially beta software from a software company with a reputation for shipping flaky operating systems and hoping to fix it by service pack one) for critical work..

I mean. You could have dropped that money on VMWARE and just laughed about this, right ?

Working in technology is hard enough without making ridiculously optimistic assumptions about beta software. Think of all that beer-time you just missed ?

---* Bill