Windows Vista - No Sound

Yes, after installing Windows Vista Ultimate, you might notice how quiet it is.

That's because if you (like myself) own a Creative Labs SoundBlaster card, you have to go the Internet (see my posting below on that) and go to Windows Update for your SoundBlaster card to be "discovered" by Windows. Windows Update will then install the driver and you will once again have sound.

I asked one of my Microsoft pals why they didn't just fire the idiot that made the decision to leave those drivers off of the Windows Vista installation DVD, and I got the usual moronic apology:

"Microsoft did that to distance themselves from the hardware manufacturers."

Huh? Distance themselves? Microsoft is the biggest $2 whore in the world! They will hop into bed with anybody!

Hell, even at the Windows Vista/Office 2007 launch lunch with Steve Ballmer that I will be attending on Monday, guess who else will be speaking at that lunch?


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