MSN stiffed me for $10,000

Yeah I got a contract to recreate three InfoPath forms for MSN. Seems that MSN blew off their SharePoint servers and had no backups for their InfoPath forms. Considering that these forms are used on a world wide basis as a trouble ticket system, this probably was embarrassing. So rather than admit to anyone within Microsoft as to what had happened, MSN contracted me through a third party to recreate these forms.

Well I finished reconstructing and unit testing the forms yesterday and then received an email from the third party company that I was no longer on the project.

Part of the issue was that MSN would have to let me install the forms on their network (due to a variety of complex issues) and they hadn't figured that into their scope of work.

So, MSN still owes me $10,000 for the forms.

P.S. If anyone out there would like a nice InfoPath-based trouble ticket system, I can develop one for you for a pretty inexpensive amount!

P.P.S. Got $2500 out of them. Better than nothing and cheaper than a lawsuit.

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