Smug Microsoft Interviewers

As a computer consultant since the 70's, I have done more interviewing than God.

OK, maybe not that many but average a minimum of 2 a week for 30 years and it comes out to roughly 3000 interviews or so.

I'm pretty good at it and those skills come in handy for public speaking or starting a conversation in a bar.

Anyway in the last six months I have had interviews with at least four different groups at Microsoft. They usually call me every six months or so.

The disturbing trend is that now I get interviewers whose main interest seems to be in letting me know how smart they are.

What got me going on this is that I had yet another one of those interviews with a smug interviewer who started off by asking me what the difference is between BizTalk 2002 and BizTalk 2004. Seeing how I only use the current version which 2006, my unspoken mental reaction was "Who gives a s--t?"

Anyway this interview went on endlessly forcing me to re-evaluate my occupation and wonder exactly how much money one could make driving an ice cream truck.

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