Vista reboots without warning

At least once a month on my PC, Vista will reboot without warning!

No dialog box, no warning box, just all of a sudden everything begins to shut down and then Vista reboots. A search on Google and Microsoft's site has turned up nothing that discusses or addresses this behavior.

I could attribute this behavior to Windows Update which as a rule updates on Tuesdays, but today is Saturday, it is 8 in the morning and once again Vista did an auto reboot.

Even stranger is that I had been working on the PC for at least 30 minutes.

Well once again this just serves as an example of the lack of thoughtful design and professional programming practices that should have been in Vista, especially after 7 years of development.


Anonymous said...

My Vista PC just started doing the same thing- sporadic reboots with no intervention or message. Sometimes it's just sitting there; this evening it rebooted while playing a DVD.

Vista sucks

Anonymous said...

If I do not touch the PC (it has Vista) for about half hour it reboots itself without warnings.... With all the connections being closed. It also loses the IP so it can not connet to the internet afterwards unless I repair manually the connection.
Any idea why this happens?