Windows Vista - Microphone

I foolishly attempted to try to use my microphone under Vista for the first time.

My microphone worked fine in the past with Windows XP.

No such luck with Vista. Checking the Creative site to see if there were new drivers for my SoundBlaster Live! sound card brought me the news that Creative would not be writing any Vista drivers for this older card.

So, I did a bit of research and bought a Creative Xtremegamer sound card.

The sound is much improved, but attempting to use the microphone (which took a lot of research and fooling around with to enable) is still a no go. At least I can see some movement on the audio bar while attempting to "train" the microphone, but it still isn't usable for gaming, Windows Speech Recognition, navigation or any other function.

Looks like my new research project is to find a decent microphone with some kind of a volume boost.

As usual there is NO HELP on the Microsoft site. Vista still sucks and it is not a product that Microsoft should be proud of.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone! Afer upgrading to Vista my mic doesn't work either. I use a Audigy SE and Logitech gaming headset. I can hear things fine, but no mic. I used the built-in motherboard audio card as well... same problem.

Under XP there was no problem everything worked great. After some googling I can see this is a problem affecting many.

ashwin said...

I totally a agree. Just bought a new Hp dv6405 and the sole purpose was for recording my guitar, but how can i if i cant freakin hear what i am playing! Whats wrong with microsoft! Totally frustrated with trying to find a way to make the damn mic audible from the speakers... if nothing helps have to switch back to XP..