2006 Olympics

In an extremely early attempt to prepare the general public for the lurching, zombie-like facade that American televison networks attempt to pass off as "coverage", I have reposted my blog about...

NBC's 2004 Olympic coverage

Is Helen Keller their video editor? Granted, they have a HUGE job to do in order to cover the Olympics. But for God’s Sake, NBC has boiled the Olympics down to these simple rules:

1. If there are no Americans competing, the event will not be covered.

2. Only three teams, counting the Americans, will be covered per event.

2a. If the Americans are leaders in the event, cover the Americans, the number two team, and a random third team.

2b. If the Americans don’t stand a chance in Hell of getting a medal keep repeating the mantra that the teams ahead of them “might make a mistake.” Be sure to mention any drug tests that competing teams have failed in the last 20 years, especially if it involved losing a medal.

3. Always refer to any Americans involved in a team sport as “the Dream Team”.

4. Never imply that any American athlete is less than a God, especially Keeth Smart who managed to lose both the Gold and Bronze medals in team fencing.

5. The first question to ask during any and all interviews is “How did it feel?” This can be switched or followed up with “What were you thinking?”

6. Don’t do any human interest stories on third world countries that were only able to send one athlete.

=====Minor Olympic Note=====

The national Greek beer, Mythos cannot be purchased on the Olympic site. The beer of the Olympics is Heineken, who paid to be an Olympic sponsor. I find it of interest that Budweiser ads run during the Olympic coverage, giving one the false impression that they are Olympic sponsors.

Here’s the link for the Official Grand Sponsors of the 2004 Olympics: http://www.athens2004.com/en/GrandSponsors

The only company you will see that does business in the USA is Hyundai. Yes Coca-Cola did support the Torch Relay, but despite all the hoopla about the Olympics and our American athletes, its obvious that American corporations were too cheap to actually support the Olympics.

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