The Books of Jasper Fforde

I was informed by, that based on my reading/purchasing habits, that I would enjoy reading the adventures of Thursday Next; a female literary detective in a world somewhat similar to our own, with a few differences such as Wales being a Socialist republic, pet Dodos being available from DNA reconstruction, time travel and other odd bits.
Amazon was right! I do like these books! However to have instant gratification for my reading fix I bought them all at Borders!


You have to be intelligent to read these books. Sorry if that spoils it for you. Before I forget: you MUST visit Jasper Fforde's web site at It is fabulous!

Mr. Fforde wrote four books covering the adventures of Thursday Next. I loved the first book, The Eyre Affair and the second book, Lost in a Good Book. I especially enjoyed the parts with Ms. Next's pet dodo, Pickwick.

His third book, The Well of Lost Plots, got to be a bit too blah-blah, as I found myself flipping forward in search of some dialogue to move the story along. Book three was OK, but not up to the same level as books one and two.

The final opus in the series, Something Rotten, turned out to be the best book in the series but unfortunatelyy wrapped up the series so that it is doubtful that a fifth book would be forthcoming. He's one of the few authors that I will buy in hardcover.

I highly recommend reading the entire series although you will have to patient with the third book.

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