2006 Winter Olympics open in Turino

The only sporting events I follow are the Olympics, and I love to watch the opening ceremonies. Unfortunately NBC continues to be incompetent (see my December 2005 blog) at covering the Olympics.

Did NBC send anyone who speaks Italian to the 2006 Winter Olympics? Did NBC fail to buy a program guide for the opening ceremonies?
Did NBC mention the actor playing Dante in the opening ceremonies? Does anyone at NBC even know who Dante was?

Do you or anyone at NBC understand why the cows of Piedmont were honored in the opening ceremony? Do you or anyone at NBC understand the relationship between Turino and Piedmont?

Well, I'm not telling. Go Google it for yourself.

I was pissed that NBC spent the first hour of their Olympic fawning over Michelle Kwan, Bode Miller and Shaun White. I know we will hear about them ad nauseum before the Olympics end. It's all taped anyway so I had to stay up until midnight instead of 11 since NBC wasted my time yakking with those three airheads.

Is it only me or does anyone else think that Mary Carillo (who interviewed Michelle Kwan on NBC) looks exactly like Nancy Kulp, who played Mr. Drysdale's secretary on the Beverly Hillbillies?

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