Windows Vista (aka Windows Katrina) continues to generate hot air

Mary Jo Foley's Microsoft Watch quotes Microsoft's Michael Sievert, corporate vice president of Windows Product Management & Marketing on Microsoft's expectations of how much Windows Vista will pump up profits.
The analysts quoted are just a circle of industry analysts having a mutual compliment and admiration session.

There is absolutely no compelling reason for an individual or enterprise to "upgrade" to Windows Vista.

I quote: "Sievert identified four reasons that Microsoft is so bullish about Vista's prospects. Overall industry and PC growth; Microsoft's plans to combat software piracy; a change in the mix of the types of PCs being sold; and the Redmond software maker's plans for improving its customer "relationship after the sale" all will be key drivers for Vista growth, he said."

1. Industry growth is slow if not stagnant.
2. Combatting software piracy is not a driving reason for anyone to purchase Windows Vista.
3. A change in the type of PCs being sold? Does Microsoft think people are going to buy tablets or Media Center PCs in droves because of Vista? This seems to be a continuing fantasy at Microsoft.
4. Improving the customer relationship? That's certainly an area Microsoft needs to improve but again, it is not a driver for buying Windows Vista.

We're still waiting for a compelling reason to purchase Windows Vista, like say, some new features? Surveys are indicating that 50%+ of current users have no plans to upgrade to Windows Vista.

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