Project Mojave - The latest hustle

Here’s the carnival barking from Clay Collins: (The horrid videos/site hustling is here:
Mojave Goes Off the Market on Friday at 11:59 PM

There are only 93 PM spots left. And Mojave goes off the market
this Friday, at 11:59 PM. If you're planning on joining but just
haven't gotten around to it, there's no time like the present :-).

The first 25 spots in Project Mojave were gone in 5 minutes. And
since then, all the other bonuses have long since gone. Which is
unfortunate, because a lot of people wrote in and were like "I just
signed up . . . did *I* get one of the bonuses." And I had to say
no. Which made me feel bad.

So we're extending the bonus offer. If you get in on Project Mojave
*before* 11:59 Eastern TODAY, you'll get the following. No matter

--A copy of Clay's "Virtual Assistant Hiring Exam" (this is the
EXACT same test I give to my virtual assistants before hiring them;
a $37 value).

--Access to Laura Roeder's "Backstage Pass to Twitter" (a $197

--A copy of Dave Navarro's "30 Hours A Day: How to Add Hours of
Productivity to Every Day" ; a $97 value (this isn't even on
the market right now).

--A copy of Jonathan Mead's "Reclaim Your Dreams: An Uncommon Guide to Living on Your Own Terms" (a $24.95 value).
OK, so as usual these wonderful bonuses sound like crap to put it mildly. I won’t waste your time with why I think that.
The price? $97 a month and since it’s a 3 month course I’m imagining that you get charged the entire $291 up front.
So in a nutshell I’ll be ice skating with Satan before I pay these guys a nickel, as they truly have no track record and are just doing the usual “incredible value” BS.

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