Worst freebie for bloggers yet!

OK, is it just me or does this seem pretty retarded? This is off of Twitter, and perfectly displays the true shallowness of the blogosphere and some of its noted bloggers:

pamslim getting excited for wild journey on aircraft carrier with @guykawasaki @penelopetrunk @charleneli @techcrunch @scobelizer and others.Thu, May 14 18:02:06 from TweetDeck

What next? A ride in a Humvee in Iraq? A free Ferris Wheel ride to promote a carnival?

This "Gosh! We're going to spend the night on an aircraft carrier!" is pretty lame for adults.

Maybe their next invitation will be to do some waterboarding of prisoners in Gitmo.

I am only concerned that pamslim is "off message" by attending this farce. The other bloggers IMHO have been "off message" for a long time, and I really could care less about them.

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