DQ Flamethrower vs Carls Jr Jalapeno Burger

I have to admit that every time I see the TV commercial for the Dairy Queen Flamethrower burger I crack up. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy accidentally setting his office on fire because he was eating a DQ Flamethrower burger.

Well on occasion (despite the extreme right wing politics of the company) I have had a Carl’s Jr Jalapeno burger. It has real jalapenos and onions on it and is fairly spicy.

So Sunday morning I packed Minnie the world’s most spoiled Shih Tzu into my 11 year old VW Golf and puttered over to Dairy Queen to test out the Flamethrower. I wonder how Dairy Queen manages to stay in business as they seem like the trailer trash of fast food chains. Crummy locations, outdated facilities, and well it just seems like the whole chain could go out of business at any moment. I don’t want them to go out of business because I still like their dipped cones (butterscotch, not chocolate) and also because they seem like something out of the 50s. They’re kind of nostalgic.

I ordered the double meat patty Flamethrower $4.50 or so along with a Coke that would fit into the wee drink holder in the VW. I spend a lot of time eyeballing drink containers as only a few will fit in the VW’s drink holder. In fact, I removed the ashtray years ago so that tall drinks would fit in the holder. Otherwise the only thing that truly fits would be a very small cup of coffee. Do Germans have an issue with drinking in their cars or what?

The Flamethrower was not a flamethrower. It wasn’t even spicy let alone hot. No onions, no jalapenos, just two slices of mild pepperjack cheese on a double burger. It was so mild I gave Minnie bites, not that it was an option as she would have pouted for days if she didn’t get a bite. I was very disappointed. Minnie was ecstatic because she got to go for a ride and eat bites of hamburger.

There you have it. I voted nay on the Flamethrower and Minnie voted yea. It’s your call on whose opinion you want to trust, me or the Shih Tzu.

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