Electronic Arts BF2 1.21 patch SUCKS!

Yeah, yeah, you probably don’t play Battlefield 2, but Electronic Arts was supposed to ship an expansion to the game (technically called a booster pack) last month. First though, they had to ship a patch so that the expansion would work. Well that patch, 1.2 was fine except that they found a few little glitches in it. So, they delayed shipping the expansion until they could patch the patch.
Well this weekend (after a month of "testing") they made the patch available for download and it has totaled fucked up game play for users worldwide. For some bizarre reason the ping rates are spinning from 300 to over a million, and once your ping rate goes past 125, the Punkbuster software will kick you off of the game servers. Needless to say, right now no one can play Battlefield 2, and there’s nothing on Electronic Arts web site that indicates that they are even aware of the problem, let alone working on it.
Although EA is even more evil than Microsoft, they definitely need a Scoble-like corporate blogger out there to soothe the masses, especially if they want those same said masses to purchase future enhancements to their games.

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