Shel Isreal doesn't know how to blog

Isreal and Scoble were unable to stand up to hard questions during a recent talk at Amazon. They've chosen Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon as their target for their alleged mis-treatement at Amazon.

I guess they were hurt that they weren't surrounded in real life by a large group of fawning butt kissers as they are on the Internet. What is shockingly amazing is this statement from Shel Isreal:

"I think there's a nice ironic touch to the fact that when I tried to leave a comment on this post by Werner Vogels, CTO of, his technology would not allow me to sign in."

It only takes a TypeKey or TypePad account to leave a comment on Mr. Vogels blog. Mr. Isreal's blog uses the EXACT SAME REQUIREMENT!

This guy co-authored a book on blogging and he can't figure out how to leave a comment?

Well, that says a lot about his alleged expertise!

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shel israel said...

I do know how to blog. It was not working when I used it. And the next time you take a shot at me in public, you'll have greater credibility if you spell my name right.