Pizza in a Cone update

No word from the New Zealanders on bringing "The Cone" to the states.

I've begun my own pizza in a cone experiments, but since I am the only person in the house who is not gluten/wheat intolerant, it has come down to me and my volunteer staff (Toto the 17 year old blind and deaf poodle with 3 teeth and Minnie the Shih Tzu princess of the universe) to do the tasting. Minnie as you will recall was involved in my recent Flamethrower burger taste test.

I'm semi-decent at cooking. I guess the best news so far is that the smoke alarm hasn't gone off although there was a tense moment when I managed to set my oven mitts on fire. Lots of whooping and dancing around the kitchen. You know the drill.

Stay tuned. Something will come out of this. Perhaps not something good, but something.

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beancounter said...

Now, are you starting with actual pizza dough? Because I had this vision that the cone was made with pizza dough. I would think it'd hold up. This is based on the experience of being sorta wasted, grabbing a couple of pizza slices and eating them like a sandwich.

Years ago. I swear.