V for Vendetta

A combination of Orwell’s 1984 and today’s political scene, V for Vendetta takes place in a not so distant future where the UK government rules by fear. The media is censored. Citizens are manipulated into the fear of terrorism and avian flu outbreaks.

A man who has been a victim of government torture and experimentation, rises up to bring down the government. This unnamed hero wears a Guy Fawkes mask throughout the film and sets November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) as his date to complete the work of Fawkes by destroying Parliament.

I’m not to going walk through the film and unleash any spoilers.

I think this is an important film that above all else deals with ideas and not the dichotomy of one political figure or party compared to another.

My advice for any intelligent person is to go see this film immediately.

Take a day off from work. Stop watching television. In fact just look up the show times nearest you, turn off your computer and go see this film right now.


beancounter said...

You've convinced me!

Five years from now the theatre will serve PIZZA IN A CONE, and our moviegoing experience will be complete.

Texas Social Worker said...

I'm warming up the car right now.

unregistered text offender said...

don't forget terry gilliams brazil